Motor Cycle Club


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Saracens Mcc are a motorcycle brotherhood which was formed in Middlesbrough Cleveland or Teesside as it was then in 1985

The club has members both here in England & Germany and contrary to popular belief is not a military based club but was formed originally from civilian riders in the north east of England although currently most members now happen to be ex forces of one description or another.

The club spread in 1989 when one of the founders members joined the armed services and was posted to Germany . After returning to England in 1995 the club was extended to the South East and are  currently one of the only motorbike clubs in Colchester .

The club has worn back patch since forming in 1985 but after a recent decision by the UK members to maintain their MCC status they now only wear front patches, whilst the German side have kept their colours flying on their back.

The club runs by rank & regulation.

All prospective members are expected to undergo a probationary period. 

We do not presume to be an MC nor do we lay claim to any territory.

We do not hold any support for any other club other than our own.

We do not have women members.

We ride free and party hard.